So, hey. I'm new.

Hello wondrous world of blogging! So like it says in the definition thingie under the blog title, I love high fashion with a passion. It all started a couple of years ago when I was walking in manhattan with my grandmother and we needed to stop into Saks 5th ave. I had never even heard of it before. I walked in and thought "Where am I? What is this place? It's so pretty! Look at all these gorgeous wonderful things!!!! I want to just stay here forever!!! Is that a Nancy Gonzales bag? I WANT THAT!!!!!". Then a few months later my friend gave me my very first fashion magazine. That was it. I was hooked. High Fashion is a major part of my life. It' s Artwork you can wear! What could be better then that??? Dior! Chanel! Christian Louboutin! It all just makes me happy. I do dress allot differently then my friends. They will be wearing Old Navy jeans and Converse sneakers. I'll be wearing Skinny Jeans and Pearls. I love looking nice every where I go. I guess 'pretty' or 'fancy' would be a good way to describe how I dress. From a young age I went to events with my mom where I had to look pretty, professional and polished. I guess that has kinda stuck with me all this time. You can see why I love Burberry so much. Like right now, I have on knee high black boots, a gray shirt with small poof sleeves, 2 strings of pearls, and a white cuff bracelet. I'm not even going anywhere today. I can't stand being casual. I have to look nice. Otherwise I feel unproductive. I am pretty appalled by the way most teens dress. You know, sweatpants, baggy pants, HAIR SCRUNCHIES? seriously people? I haven't worn sweat pants in public since...ummm I don't think I have ever worn them in public. I don't own a single designer piece. If I did I think it would be a rachel roy coat or a real burberry scarf. the world of fashion just makes me happy. It's beautiful. It's always new, always changing. It's something is know about. Something I'm good at. Something I truly love. I want to be walking on the streets of paris and wearing jimmy choos. I want to be in the front now of the Zac Posen fall show 2025. Fashion is what I want to do. I want to be a professional High Fashion Buyer when I grow up. Haha I'll let you know how all of that works out for me. :) love, -J

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