Winter break reading list... sort of.

  1. Go to Barns and Nobel booksellers
  2. Bring a notebook.
  3. Head straight to the design/photography section
  4. write down all the books you would love to read
Hahaha I bought/borrowed several amazing books the past few days
I was sooo happy to get this!(I bought it) It finally came in the mail yesterday! I started reading immediately, and it's very very good. I'm really learning allot. In the back of the book there's notepaper, which I really like( whenever I read a book like this I always have a notebook with me). AND there was a form in my book that you send in, and you get a free year of Teen Vogue magazine! YAY! :) haha. Everything about this book is great. I Had heard nothing but good things about this book when it came out, and I was just thinking I WANT THAT!!! But my wallet was thinking "you can't have that". Thank goodness for library cards. I'm really into street fashion lately and this book is PERFECT. Scott Schuman has such a great eye for fashion and originality. The pictures in this book were amazing. I already read it twice. This will be going on my wishlist. :) I haven't quite finished reading this one yet, but from what I have seen the pictures are great! That's what I love about New York: everyone has a different original style. Even though I have to say, I really don't like what the girl on the cover is wearing. At all. Blech.

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