So two summers ago I was helping out with a boy scout fundraiser (some of my guy friends are scouts and needed some more people to help out). They were selling things that people had dropped off. Things like old hats, jewelry, clothes, ect. So I looked around and found this really cute vintage-y charm bracelet. It was only 10 cents! Well, it's been sitting in my room and I have been using it for decoration( I don't think I have ever worn it out side the house...). So last night I picked it up and noticed that each charm said 'AVON' on the bottom. So I google'd 'avon charm bracelet' and found out that it's vintage 1970's, the stones are real, and sells for about $40. yowza! Never pass up a good yard sale...

This  is a necklace pendant I made you of an IZZE bottle cap. That stuff is so good!

I found my old charm bracelet from when I was in 5th grade.

Speaking of charms...
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Wedge Sandals with Charms
MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Bloomingdales, $295.


Kaylie said...

Cute!! I miss you!

Emily said...

Ooh, those Marc Jacobs' are so cool! You could totally make that a DIY project :)