Miss Emma

I want a chic purple car that just happens to match my outfit. No fair.

I absolutely adore Emma Watson.
I love the colors they used in this shoot. Purples & Turquoises! They look so pretty!
One of my favorite things about this is the skirts. I love the fitted pouf skirts. (all my skirts are like that)

What I love about Emma is that she can be doing anything, anywhere, and make it look incredibly chic. She's so beautifully posh. No wonder Burberry got her for their Fall 2009 AND Spring 2010 campaigns.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend Lovelies.  


georgina said...

i remember this shoot from teen vogue, and i agree emma watson can pull off anything :) those skirts are gorgeous!


Dip-tea said...

Miss Emma Watson,

Its a sin to be so incredibly chic.

Love it!

Emily said...

I really like this shoot. That shade of purple is perfect!



Anonymous said...

I love Emma Watson too!
I practically love everything about her.

letterstobetsy said...

i love these! She is in the current burberry store ad @ my mall and you would honestly barely recognize her she looks so wonderful and grownup!

MarchMusings said...

Love the shoot and you're right about the turquoise and purple combo.It rocks.

ANNA SMALL said...

i remember this shoot!! this was the moment that all of my suspicions were confirmed, and i knew that emma was definitely a style icon!

bmach said...

I loooove this editorial! the colours are perfect!Following you now!


Jen said...

I have always loved that shoot. The outfits she is wearing remind me very much of the Alice in Wonderland inspired line at Forever21.

Kayla Leigh said...

god i love her.