I Love My : Pringle of Scotland Bag

For the record, I completely support shopping at thrift stores. Some people are like "Ewwww someone else had that before you? Nasty." But you know what? If I can get my hands on a Donna Karan shirt for 99 cents, I really am not going to care if someone else had it before me. Moving on...
I was at a designer thrift store 2 weeks ago. I was looking through and I found some pretty good stuff. It took me 5 min to pry my hands off an Unargo blazer because it was 6 sizes to big ( I realllllly wanted it).
They also had some Vuitton bags, Marc Jacobs and Coach bags and others. (They were way too expensive for me and my 9th grade Intern wallet).
After a while I found IT. A Pringle of Scotland bag. The ladies at the store must not have recognized the brand and charged it at a measly $7. So I came by, grabbed it and yelled "PRINGLE!".  I went to check out and I found out it was only $3.50. ( let's just say I was very happy). I must have looked like a total freak because I was a bit too exited and I told the lady at the checkout "I LOVE Pringle of Scotland! Their Runways shows are beautiful!". And she was like "Oh, good for you... That'll be $12.75". Oh well. I didn't care.
I really love this bag. It's very well made and durable. 
Other finds for the day included an Evan Picone sweater ($10), Anne Klein jeans($10) and a vintage red wallet ($5).

Here's my favorite look from the Pringle of Scotland Fall 2010 show


Marijn said...

Wow, that's amazing! I love vintage clothes and especially if it's cheap.


Marie said...

wow that dress is amazing, i love it