Pattern + Texture

It's april fools day, so I though I would post something a bit zany. 
I'm totally up for clashing prints once in a while. .. I also think that Katie Fogarty did a superb job as the model.
Happy April Fools Day! Please be careful with your pranking.

I started to get allot of feedback from wordpress users, and I have decided to use bloglovin'! whoooo!
So now all you lovely wordpress readers (and other readers who are not using blogspot) can have their 
The Girl In The Check Scarf fix! Just click the pic of the girl in the glasses on your right to follow using bloglovin'! 

Happy Birthday to my buddy Dawson!


ANNA SMALL said...

LOVE! the last photo especially. i am really into this whole nomadic thing lately...

Kayla Leigh said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am that you live in New York. Cute blog, I love it.

P.S. Stop schemeing and get to Paris. Now.


Gracie said...

great pictures! And, thanks for not making your april fool's day post a prank - this is one day I could live without :)


Anonymous said...

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