What A Lovely Day For A Walk.

Coco Rocha, Vogue Nippon 2008

 I walk my poodle, I lie down on a giant chess board, I say hello to my friends with a jolly hop, I purchase 100 balloons, I pose dramatically and I dash off to my posh job.
AND I change six times.

Sounds like a lovely morning. Wouldn't you agree?


Dip-tea said...

love the looks. pretty is back !

fashionartcraftsetc said...

I'm so feeling this

Glowing Doll said...

She's one of a tiny handful of models that don't irritate me. she just seems like a nice, normal intelligent person. And she scores points for being Canadian!

Tarina Heart said...

Coco is stunning! I love all the looks!

lesdeux said...

love the photos darl!! :) particularly the first two!!