Blogger Spotlight: Les Deux

Meet the masterminds from beautiful blog, Les Deux!

What made you guys start blogging?
Gareth: Blogging, for me at least, is a way to express myself creatively. I always loved writing and never really got to do much of it, the way I wanted to, in what I was studying. So blogging, which is essentially writing for fun, really appealed to me. Plus, our blog Les Deux was initially about keeping in touch with people back in Australia during our exchange here in Paris.   
Helen: Gareth and I started Les Deux a month before we left Sydney for our exchange program overseas in France. I used to be a blogger back in early high school, but stopped so I thought it was the perfect time to start up again in order to ORIGINALLY update our friends back at home with our adventures!

 How long have you been friends?
Helen: We met early 2008 and slowly became close friends. Now, we're actually going out :)

How'd you end up in Paris all the way from Austrailia?
Gareth: We both had the opportunity to come to Paris on university exchange as part of our respective degrees. For me it's my second time on a year exchange in Paris. In that respect it was like coming to my second home. 
Helen: We both speak French and coincidentally, have had the desire to do a study exchange with our university. We both applied, got accepted and voilà!

Who is someone is the Fashion Industry who inspires you?
Gareth: I'd have to say Ralph Lauren. I think he manages to sell us in his designs that perfect world which is not too far removed from our own. His designs are classic, without the smoke and mirrors or bluffing that you may see elsewhere.  
Helen: Not some'one', but some 'duo' - Viktor & Rolf. Their imagination and designs continue to astound and inspire that creative magical passion within me... each time I feel down, all I have to do is look back at their Spring 2005 RTW collection and bang, the sparks fly!
What's your favorite trend right now?
Gareth: The feminine-masculine mix, very sexy and stylish!
Helen: Feminine back-to-basics simplicity in crisp neutral shades - as seen recently at Chloé, Stella, Celine etc

Where have your travels taken you?
Gareth: On this exchange we've been all over Europe - Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, London and of course Places in France. We've also been to Turkey and Egypt in January. I've been traveling all of my life to places as varied as India, China and Morocco. 
Helen: So far...several regions around France including Paris of course, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Egypt, Turkey, England, Austria, Slovakia, Spain and Greece soon!

Who does those cute drawings on your blog?

Helen: Both of us, we both love drawing/sketching.  
Gareth: Helen does the cute cartoons. I tend to stick to the 'semi-realistic' ones! 

Favorite Magazine?
Gareth: GQ. It doesn't matter where in the world, it really speaks to me as a great combination of fashion, lifestly, interviews and everything in between. It's pretty much the only magazine for which I have time. 
Helen: Frankie - it's an Australian magazine about not only fashion, but also the arts, music, crafty things.... it's got that nostalgic feel-good fuzzy touch to it, love it!
Where do you get inspiration from? places, blogs, magazines ect?
Gareth:I mainly get inspiration from travelling and magazines. Magazines for my drawings - I love drawing beautiful women, and GQ is a great source for those. Travelling inspires me to write and eating different foods or specialities of the places we go inspires me to cook! 
Helen: Everyday things like nature, street markets and cute stores... and often, magazines and online media of course. 

Are you studying Fashion?
Gareth: Not really...actually as far away from fashion as one can get - Accounting and Finance. But still, I take an interest, just not a must-see-every-collection interest. I prefer just to look at what's going on in the street. 
Helen  No - I planned to but then made a last minute decision and switched.... perhaps in my next life :) 
Whose Fall 2010 collections did you like best?
Gareth: Stella McCartney's 
Helen: Bit hard to decide.... but I'd have to choose Alberta Ferretti, and Dior's jackets & dresses!
Stella McCartney, Fall 2010

Who are your favorite designers?
 Gareth:Salvatore Ferragamo, YSL, Tom Ford
 Helen:Viktor & Rolf, Stella McCartney

What's your favorite thing in your closet?
Gareth: I would have to say my Converse Hi-tops...that's just because my wardrobe is quite limited and my Cons are my saviour...  
 Helen: My Dr Denim jeans - particularly my blue pair, reliable and always in style but getting very old!
If you could spend a day whith anyone, who would it be and why?
Gareth:  I think I would love to spend a day with Alain Ducasse or another 3-Star Michelin Chef, just to be fully aware of how good they are...and of course get to eat some of their dishes. 
 Helen: Steve Jobs, genius and inspiring - would definitely be cool to chat to him and perhaps, learn a few things.
The food on your blog looks crazy good! Who cooks more?
Helen: I have to admit it... Gareth does. But only because he's 10x better than me! 
Gareth: Definitely me. Love cooking 
Where's your favorite place in the world?
Gareth: I think I could only really answer that when I've been everywhere in the world! Love the Jardin du Luxembourg though... 
Helen:  Too many!! But if I had to choose, it would be one of the many lovely places in France - I could totally live amongst the gardens of Villandry during summer, they are sublime and I would never be hungry!
Okay, you're given 1,000 Euros. what would you spend it on?
Gareth: Definitely a dinner at El Bulli Restaurant in Spain...just to see if it's really the best. And to have my mind blown away! 
Helen: A new camera or bag

 I absolutely love Les Deux and I look at it daily. It's a gorgeous and colorful blog run by two very lovely people. Gareth and Helen are from Sydney and are currently living in Paris (you know I'm jealous!). Their blog is about fashion, food, and their many travels.

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I love the interviews you do with all the other fashion blogger.
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