Happy Birthday!

Well, Lovelies, this weekend will mark my blog's birthday! Well, half birthday.
 Exactly 6 months ago, The Girl In The Check Scarf was created. I can't believe all the things that have happened since then. I went from nearly giving up on blogging, to making sure there is a post without fail every morning bright and early at 7: 30 am sharp. And from just 2 subscribers, my mom and my friend Kaylie, to 118 total subscribers from bloglovin, twitter and google friend connect. That number still makes me smile because I can't believe it. I have loved this experience so much. I wish I could just sit down and get to know all of you.   I have become very good friends with many of you, and I hope I can become well aquatinted with all of you...
I went through the archives and found my very first post. 
Hello wondrous world of blogging! So like it says in the definition thingie under the blog title, I love high fashion with a passion. It all started a couple of years ago when I was walking in manhattan with my grandmother and we needed to stop into Saks 5th ave. I had never even heard of it before. I walked in and thought "Where am I? What is this place? It's so pretty! Look at all these gorgeous wonderful things!!!! I want to just stay here forever!!! Is that a Nancy Gonzales bag? I WANT THAT!!!!!". Then a few months later my friend gave me my very first fashion magazine. That was it. I was hooked. High Fashion is a major part of my life. It' s Artwork you can wear! What could be better then that??? Dior! Chanel! Christian Louboutin! It all just makes me happy. I do dress allot differently then my friends. They will be wearing Old Navy jeans and Converse sneakers. I'll be wearing Skinny Jeans and Pearls. I love looking nice every where I go. I guess 'pretty' or 'fancy' would be a good way to describe how I dress. From a young age I went to events with my mom where I had to look pretty, professional and polished. I guess that has kinda stuck with me all this time. You can see why I love Burberry so much. Like right now, I have on knee high black boots, a gray shirt with small poof sleeves, 2 strings of pearls, and a white cuff bracelet. I'm not even going anywhere today. I can't stand being casual. I have to look nice. Otherwise I feel unproductive. I am pretty appalled by the way most teens dress. You know, sweatpants, baggy pants, HAIR SCRUNCHIES? seriously people? I haven't worn sweat pants in public since...ummm I don't think I have ever worn them in public. I don't own a single designer piece. If I did I think it would be a rachel roy coat or a real burberry scarf. the world of fashion just makes me happy. It's beautiful. It's always new, always changing. It's something is know about. Something I'm good at. Something I truly love. I want to be walking on the streets of paris and wearing jimmy choos. I want to be in the front now of the Zac Posen fall show 2025. Fashion is what I want to do. I want to be a professional High Fashion Buyer when I grow up. Haha I'll let you know how all of that works out for me. :) love, -J

I have learned an incredible amount about the Fashion Industry since then and I am still constantly learning.
I really love this blog and I'm so happy how everything has worked out over the past 6 months. I went through and found the posts I loved the most.

I was convinced I wanted to wear this to prom.

Even though this post was not fashion related, I think it will always be one of my favorites. It's the only post that made me cry while I was putting it together.

Remember this? I did end up framing it. It's hanging in my room right now.

I still think chic children are the cutest things ever.

Simplicity still rules.

We lost a great mind.

My first post to get more then 2 comments! (it was a really big deal for me)

Remember this boy? 

I still want this. I don't know what 'this' is but I want it.

I still think this is genius.

I really can't believe what has happened in the past couple months. I realize that I really love fashion, and that love has really grown through this blog. I look back and realize "wow when I started this, I barely knew anything."But I was aware that I didn't know and I hated that. So I studied. I single handedly cleared out the Fashion section at the library and anything they didn't have I ordered. I even read The History of Vogue. It's 400 pages! I know that if I want to make it in the industry, I need to know the business. In the great words of Anna Wintour "Know your trade." This blog has really helped me with that and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. You lovelies have been fantastic to work with and hear from.
Thank you to all my readers for commenting and following me all these months. I can't wait for what the upcoming months (maybe even years!) will bring. 
I would really love to get to know all of you subscribers! Please leave the link to your blog in the comment section so I can check it out! (and if you're not a subscriber, please subscribe!)
Stay posh! haha I haven't said that in a while.
Love Justine.


bmach said...

Congrats! I rally love your blog and I'll be stoping by everytime you post!



Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2years birthday! ^^ It's amazing what you achieved already, hope it will go on even better in the future! Enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward to read more, more, more. Don't ever think of giving up your blog again! ^^

xoxo Sandra

georgina said...

happy birthday :) always love seeing what you post!

keep up the good work

Marijn said...

Happy birthday!

Daisy da Classy said...

Hi, my name is Daisy, I really love your blog and wanted to say congrats. I think it would be a real honor if the girl in the check scarf would folow my blog, it's fashion too! here's the link:

Simonne said...

nice blog im following you


Bruna Marconi said...

I really loved this "ecobag Coco Chanel" really, really loved it! I think I can do it my bag Coco Chanel.. KK'