Birthday Wish list

My birthday is tomorrow! I'm so exited! 
I WANT... (being the slightly-selfish-nearly15-year-old that I am...)

Someone to drive me to NYC for classes at LIM... sigh...

A Mulberry Alexa Bag! But if you've been following mw long enough, you know I have wanted one of these for months...

Daily Subscription to WWD

Vogue Collections (would you believe this magazine an $40 an issue?!)
A one way ticket to Paris.

200 subscribers
(140 right now!!!)

an iPad! Ugggg these things are so cool.

Miu Miu shoes!
Will I get any of these in the next week? Probably not. But it's fun to dream...
Happy Birthday Me!


Anonymous said...

I love the Miu Miu shoes and the ticket to Paris !
Happy birthday :)


sU said...

Hope you get at least one of those =)

**, sU

Jen said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Wardrobe Wars said...

Just found your blog this minute on IFB. Happy early Birthday. I would definitely agree with your wishlist!!!
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We'd love to hear your feedback. Comment your views and follow if you like what you see!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. xoxo

mikapoka said...

Happy Birthday Justine, here's my little present: you have a new follower. All the best <3

Madison said...

Happy Birthday! Lol hope all those wishes come true! I had a few come true but only because I "discreetly" sent out a link to my myregistry.com birthday gift list to the padres and my older sisters. Sadly I did not get the Loubs. my feet were yearning for! :*(

emilywilson said...

It's my birthday this month, i want these aswell....see my blog :) xx