Blogger spotlight: Poppy Coburn

Poppy Coburn has been on my blog list for what seems like forever! I love her blog and I love the girl who created it. Poppy is so sweet! Check out the interview!

What's your favorite thing about blogging?
I’ve always loved writing, so I fell into blogging because of that. What’s great about it is the scope you can cover in a blog – it can be about anything that interests you, so you’re never limited. You can constantly challenge yourself.

Who is someone in the Fashion Industry who inspires you?
Karl Lagerfeld, because he doesn’t live his life just through fashion. He’s such an intelligent man, with such an aura about him.
Erin Wasson and 
Clémence Poésy is so effortless and chic, they inspire me to try and take the same approach with my own clothes.

What's your favorite trend right now?
The nude trend that always seems to pop up over Spring/Summer is a definite favourite and I love the simplicity and timelessness that the Breton Stripe has, especially as a t-shirt or a cute jumper!
Whose Fall 2010 collections did you like best?
I thought Balenciaga had a stunning collection for AW10. The colours, textures and patterns are something I’m going to try and recreate on a cheaper budget for sure! McQueen’s AW10 collection is divine. Chanel always hit the nail on the head for me and they didn’t disappoint, much like Louis Vitton’s take on elegance not since since the 1950s, breathtaking – lovely tailoring. I really enjoyed Stella McCartney’s AW10 collection too, especially the sheer items.
If you could work in the Fashion Industry, what job would you want?
I’d love to be an editor of a glossy fashion magazine ultimately and/or one day own my own shop with a small area for a tea room. It’s a dream I share with a very good friend, so you never know! When we’re no longer in debt students maybe it’ll happn!

Are you studying Fashion?

No, I study a degree in Print Journalism, but when given the opportunity to write about anything other than stuffy court reports or politics I try to write about fashion or one of my other interests. I’m hoping to apply for an internship when I finish university next year.
What's you favorite decade for Fashion?
I adore the 1920s flapper look and anything from the 1930s-1950s, pure old school glamour.
Favorite Designer?
Oh that’s a tough one! I tend not to focus on one particular designer because my taste is quite difficult to pin down. I’ll say Mulberry, because I am addicted to their handbags! I adore my Bayswater and won’t be parted from it!

Favorite Magazine?
Elle and Nylon.

What's your favorite piece in your closet?A vintage silk kimono dress I bought recently. It’s not a designer label but the fabric is beautiful, and it’s one of the most unique pieces I own.

If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why?
Alive or dead? If I could choose anyone it would be Anne Boleyn because she fascinates me – and there is still so much controversy over her, her ‘crimes’ and how significant she was to the shaping of England during the 1500s. She was also the fashion icon of her time. TV programmes like The Tudors and films like The Other Boleyn Girl hack me off because a lot of people will take things like that on face value rather than picking up a book and educating themselves further. I get quite protective over history when I feel it is misinterpreted! Haha!

Favorite music?
A wide mix. I adore The Who, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Donny Hathaway, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and quite randomly, quite a few Korean Pop artists.

I take it that you like Vintage things? 
Yes, I’m a collector you could say. I don’t go after just vintage designer items, if I like it I’ll buy it. It adds a certain charm to an outfit, and it is rather nice knowing when you go out there’s no chance someone will have what you’re wearing, as opposed to five girls wearing the same dress. That’s my worse nightmare!

Where is somewhere you'd love to visit?

I’ve got a growing fascination with Asia, so South Korea, Japan and Singapore are at the top of my list.

Where have your travels taken you?
I have been fortunate to most places in Europe, as well as to America a few times. My favourite place to go is Italy because I learnt to ski there, or Paris, because Paris is.. well, Paris!

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging on and off for years but never about any specific. I have been writing my Poppy Coburn blog since January 2010. It’s a baby blog, but I hope to write it for many years to come.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Oh lots of places. If I see someone on the street who has great style, or from an old film – costumes are so fantastical. I get inspiration everywhere, so it’s hard to pin point one thing. My dad has always been a sharp dresser, so I’ve got a lot of inspiration from him too.

Okay, you are given $1,000, what would you spend it on?

A holiday to South Korea, Japan or Singapore. That, or a new Mulberry handbag!

Check out Poppy Coburn Here


Jen said...

Such a lovely interview! I'm definitely going to visit her blog.

Love the Disney quote <3

Casee Marie said...

This was such a charming interview! Very well done. :) I agreed so much about the fall collections. With each one I was thinking, "OH yes, that one, too!"

And it's quite near impossible to top the 1920s. It was such a decadent and whimsical fashion scene!

Poppy Coburn said...

I just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity cherub! Thank you! x

Lenne said...

I love Lawren and her blog! She's amazing :D

(Thank you for the shoutout bytheway!)

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