Feeling Floral

I LOVE this look! I generally don't like floral prints, but this take on a floral dress seems so fresh. What do you think?


danielle said...

hey there-cute blog yourself!!!
I'd say I don't like florals, but I do wear them more than I realize. That dress is pretty rad though.
I scanned down the rest of your blog-wow-so fun!
Next time you stop by my blog say hi! It's easier for me to pop back over to yours!

danielle said...

and I just noticed your 15?? OMG-you're so talented!

Jen said...

Yes, of course! I love floral patterns and wish I had more.

Catie Beatty said...

This reminds me of a coloring book or those velvet posters I used to get as a kid. What a fabulous look!