Matchy Part 2

Again, I love the color combinations and that bag is FANTASTIC. And, She's wearing a pink blazer.
Oh, how I wish I had a good eye for color.


thelayeredpancake said...

oh i love that pink blazer! and her peach blouse.
but somehow, i have never been a fan of the whole "boots with skirts" thing. I wish she had picked cuter shoes, but otherwise, she is perfect.

MrsBossa said...

Lovely colour combination. Very Dries van Noten.

The Hearabouts said...

I'd love a pink blazer, too. This is such a fresh look.

Jenna said...

I love this style. This is where you really can't think too much and it ends up effortlessly cool. Love your blog as well!

Found you on IFB. We're both Rachel Zoe fans :)



Ninjagaiden78 said...

I love the pink blazer, you look great.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justine it's me, Bella. I love this pic and her boots of course. I probably wouldn't wear the outfit cuz it's not really my style but i could totes picture you wearing something like this.


p.s. I'm writing this from Best Buy. P for Pathetic. But my computer is in a virus-enduced coma so what can i do?

Paige said...

such a great style... makes me think of whitney port.