The Sartorialist

have a wonderful friend named Scott Shuman. It's an interesting relationship, he and myself. It's interesting because he doesn't know that I exist, and also because I'm obsessed. Not with him, per se -I'm no stalker-but with his work. He happens to be my favorite photographer and he runs The Sartorialist, my favorite blog. I check his blog three times a day and love it dearly. People who you would see on the street and not give a second thought to, Scott sees something more. I am constantly amazed at his attention to detail and his ability to find the chicness in simple things. He'll shoot anyone, from magazine editors to random men in the street, and the photos will be equal in beauty. In every shot I feel as if the picture is telling a story. You see so much more than just clothes in his pictures. You truly see the subject's personality. After following his blog for so long, I love seeing people on the street and wondering what Scott Shuman would say about their look. It has given me a greater attention to detail in my outfit choices and in many other ways as well. As a blogger myself, I often marvel at his descriptions and explanations as well as his photographs. I'm the kind of blogger who says 'I love this look' after a glance at a photo and call it a day. He explains why he shot the person and why the outfit works so well. I'm also jealous of his knowledge of tailoring. He knows exactly what he's talking about! When I see a post of his, the first thing that comes to mind is 'that's genius'. I've come to realize just what The Sartorialist is: genius. I'm so grateful that he started this blog and that he shares all his discoveries with the world. I am also grateful for all the lessons I've learned through reading his blog: Never judge a book by its cover and never underestimate people.

If you haven't done so already, check out The Sartorialist here.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

If you like the Sartorialist, you'll love Streetstyle Aestethic. Blows Mr Shuman out of the water: http://www.waynetippetts.com/

le_vert said...

what a stylish blog. I'm following now. Sophie X

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Jen said...

Sounds great, I'll definitelt visit his blog.

I love the top and purse in the photo. Love the colors especially!

Tara said...

hehe, cute. i pretend he's my personal friend too :-)