Blogger Spotlight: Diamonds and Studs

Check out the Interview I did with Mia! The 16 year-old girl behind one of my favorite new blogs, Diamonds and Studs!

What made you start blogging?
Well, after following a lot of people on Tumblr I decided to make one myself 
 and it's really fun! But I post pictures mainly for inspiration and meeting other people there, so I wanted to make a blog at Blogspot too:) I don't think I have an unique style or something, just want to share my passion for fashion!

What's your favorite thing about blogging so far?
Actually I was really surprised on how many comments I've gotten!:p I haven't been blogging on Blogspot that long, but people seem to like my blog, so it's really nice to hear from the people who read it. Also, meeting people that has the same interests as me. There aren't many people where I live who has the same interests as me, so it's really fun getting to know people from different countries!

What's your favorite trend right now?
I don't know actually. I guess I'm kinda into the leopard trend, but mainly on bags and purses, I think. Oh, and the aviator jacket is really cool. Definitely buying one soon.

Whose Spring 2011 collection are you most looking forward to?
Alexander Wang! Oh, I love that man so much. I was a little disappointed with his A/W 2010 collection, but I'm pretty sure that this collection will be awesome. And Acne of course, my favorite brand. I don't think they've ever made I shoe that I didn't want to buy..

If you could work in the Fashion Industry, what job would you want?
Anna Wintour's job! Haha, no, I think I would love working as a stylist. It would be fun being Rachel Zoe's assistant for a while or something, to learn and be inspired.

Are you planning studying Fashion?
Yes! When I'm done at the school I go to now (here in Norway), I plan to move to London. Hopefully, I'll get in to London College of Fashion, that would be amazing.

Favortite Designer?
I absolutely love Alexander McQueen, and I was devastated when he died. My mom and dad thought I was a crazy person when I cried, because I didn't knew him. But his collections wasn't just clothes, but art. I really loved his last collection, it was so amazing. So I really miss him. Alexander Wang is also a favorite.

Do you have a favorite magazine and why it it your favorite?
French Vogue. I love french, and even though I can't read it, I love the language so much that I pretend like I know every single word. Haha:p The editorials are really good too, and I love the last cover with Freja on it!

What's your favorite piece in your closet?
A white blouse that I use a LOT. It has these big pockets, which I love, and I so comfy to wear.

If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why?
Rachel Zoe. I would ask her if she could learn me as much as she could in one day. That would be really fun! Wouldn't mind spending a day with Karl Lagerfeld either, he's a genius. Or one day with Acne! Haha, I can't decide..

Where's somewhere you'd love to visit?
New York!

Check out her blog here!


Mia said...

Love how it turned out, thanks!


ifashionberry said...

This was really nice :) I'd love to check out her blog. Really nice blog you have!! Following :)

Emma :) said...

wow that smokey eyes!

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