The Girl In The Check Scarf Gets Interviewed!

Josephine, of the blog Basic Expressions, just did a post about me! Check it out here!
Also, I just hit 150 subscribers with friend connect! Thank you so much everybody!
Myself, photo by Cassandra Leigh.


Cassandra Leigh said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. your beautiful and i love taking pictures of you! Your awesome and i'm so proud your blog has come so far and i can only hope mine will someday too <3

Jess said...

You are so adorable! I had the hardest time imagining what you looked like. It was like following the mystery amazing fashion blog :P It's one of my favorites!

Jen said...

Yay, so exciting! I'm going to go read it now :)

Also, I LOVE this photo of you!

xC-Ax said...

Great photo!!!How did you end up getting interviewed?!



Anonymous said...

Pretty photo! Are those geek glasses I see you holding? (If so gimme gimme gimme)

Kay said...

You look amazing!

Love ya

Olivia @frenglish_style said...

Glad I can finally put a face on this lovely blog!!!
I am sorry for all my comments, but I just fell in love with your blog yesterday after I saw your message on IFB!!!
You make me love fashion even more (big surprise, I didn't know it was possible!!)
You are just so passionate and sincere!!!
J'aime, j'adore, je kiff j'en veux encore!!!