On The Topic Of Fashion's Night Out...

I recently received this email from a very good friend of mine/ fellow blogger and it made me smile.  I love this girl to death!


 I was reading September 
Vogue and Teen Vogue and they both had major articles on Fashion's Night Out a.k.a the coolest shopping trip you'll (or I'll) ever have. A few of the people who are going to be there? Hmmm, let's see. Oh yeah! Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Tavi Gevinson. And more.

 Annd Alice + Olivia are holding a Cinderella-type contest and one lucky girl will win a chance to walk the runway of their spring show. WHICH COULD BE YOU. It won't be me because I am elf-sized and am also a klutz who will end up falling off the runway and onto Anna Wintour. But 
you could and should do it. I mean, you're 15! American Apparel is having a factory sale, a musical performance by Karen Elson at the Balenciaga store on 542 West 22 Street btw. 10th and 11th Aves, and Barneys is hosting the mother of all fashion events:

 thou shalt mingle with fashion icons like the rodarte sisters and alexander wang! and tavi shall be shopping and you shall talk to her and compliment her on her red hair and whatever she's wearing! annnnnd there will be ping-pong (yes, ping-pong!), musical chairs, and meet and greet with supermodels and whatnot.

 You, Justine Guy, must make a solemn vow to attend said event and kiss Alexander Wang on both cheeks. AND you must tell Tavi that your web-bestie Bella is sad that she couldn't come. BUT MOSTLY YOU HAVE TO GO BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE A FASHION'S NIGHT OUT ATTENDER. And also so you can post pics on your blog. And 
also because the whole night is for charity. And also because the likes of Karlie Kloss, Sasha Pivovarova, and Chanel Iman told you to! Just go to http://fashionsnightout.com/ and watch their plea!

 I actually burst into tears when my mom told me that I couldn't go. Actually, the conversation went something like this:

 ME: Hey mama, did you hear about Fashion's Night Out?
 MOM: Oh yeah, I read about it in 
 ME: Wouldn't it be amazing if we went?
 MOM: To New York City? That's way too expensive! And where would we leave Diego (my younger brother)? I guess we could ask Ricardo (my godfather/fashion photographer...not kidding 'bout the godfather part or the fashion photographer part) if we could stay with him, but he works like...six jobs.
 ME: Mama, Tavi lives in 
Chicago and she's going to be there. At Barney's.
 MOM: Honey, Tavi has people to fly her places.
 ME: ERG! *
Bursts into tears*
 MOM: Oh, don't cry sweetie! (Gives me hug.)
 ME: But I 
can't miss this! It's like, the coolest event EVER!!!!!!!! 

 The convo goes on for another fifteen minutes until I retreat to my bedroom to angrily cut things out of said 
Vogueand sob over Lula which I wouldn't dare cut things out of.

 She doesn't have a problem with going, not at all. She actually liked the idea. But we have nowhere to stay and hotels are expensive. But if you go and send me some pics that would make me feel better.

 And if that doesn't happen, I can always turn to Style Rookie for behind-the-scenes pics and whatnot.

Have a lovely weekend, Lovelies!


sweet said...

Oh dear, that is such a sad thing...but hopefully you are feeling better now!

I just recently added you in my favorite list because I have bump into your blog at FashionsBlogs and Josephine's Blogger Spotlight...

and I love your blog...

Cheer up dear!!!


Bella said...

I'm actually not sad about this anymore...not THAT sad at least.

And about that loving me to death part? Right back at ya!

Bella said...

Oh, and seeing the actual length of the actual e-mail makes me realize what a nutcase I am.

But whatevs, at least I'm a (not that) fashionable nutcase.

Simonne said...

Hi there ^_^ dk if you remember of me, but i'm one of your followers! I own a blog too, called 'La Fille du Chat Noir' which receives a couple of visits a day. I'm telling you this, cause i'd like to make a sort of affiliation with your blog, exchanging the links to our blogs (: I've got a a section in my side-bar called 'Recommended blogs' and i'd be glad to feature your blog in it, if you could do the same...let me know what you think about it!

xx Simonne