Vogue Française ... Je vous aime

I was recently fortunate enough to receive an issue of Vogue Paris from a family friend living in Paris (ohhhhh she's so lucky to live there. haha). These shots completely caught my eye. The black-and-white shots with Daria are so stunning.


Simona said...

I agree, French Vogue always had the best editorials.


N P said...

Oh sunglasses♥

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, so amazing! You should like frame each page, haha!

KaLi said...

i love your blog!! so sweet

Bunny said...

I like your blog.
I've never seen an actual French Vogue issue( only snapshots of articles). I would like to own a Japanese Vogue issue.

Pashupati said...

I live in France.
If I buy one some day (no money these times) or borrow it in a library, maybe I'll send pictures of it to you.