Jeanne Lanvin's Library

Call me a nerd, but few things make me happier then very old books.  Look and smell of them, the old english...  and the binding and pages... wow. They're like works of art and a piece of history all on their own.  I have stacks of old books in my room and I love looking at them and carefully thumbing through their fragile yellow pages. 
I was happy to find these pics of Jeanne Lanvin's library on The Selby! Gorgeous books.  I can't even begin to image what's inside them (but I wish I knew!).


Jen said...

Old books make such lovely decorations!

N P said...

Incredible! i want to be there so much right now. Amazing covers they all have. Ugghh. I want to live there!

Leah said...

wow, those books are wearing prettier clothes than me! Are those velvet covers?

Kay said...

I love old books, just to put up and even to read. I love your blog.

<3 ya

Nino Eliava said...

OMG this books are sooo precious