Norma Ishak Scarves

Hello Lovelies! I hope you had a great week.  I was recently contacted by Norma Ishak, and they sent me over some beautiful handmade scarves to take a look at! Norma Ishak scarves use the highest quality fibers, so they feel GREAT. Not to mention they are pretty darn cute.  

The packaging was really sweet and not at all what I had expected. The scarves come in adorable drawstring canvas bags that could easily be used for a variety of other things once you remove the scarves. The order receipt was original too, because what you get is a piece of paper with no words, but pictures of the scarves you ordered and their bar codes. Quite classy.
The first one I ordered was from the "New Yorker" collection. I love this one because it's so comfortable to wear, not to mention it's a humongous 95 inches long and very wide. This one seems so cozy to me. I hate taking it off!

This next scarf is actually from the mens collection. It  feels really lovely and soft because it's made of Merino wool, and I really love the coloring.

This last scarf is also from the "New Yorker" collection, and it totally stole my heart the second I saw it. The knit pattern on it is gorgeous and reminded me of Prada from last season. It came in a very deep luxurious red shade that was really stunning. I would wear this scarf everyday if I could!

The scarves are all handmade and I love each one! Check out all the scarves online at http://normaishak.com/ . Thanks Norma Ishak! Have a lovely weekend, Lovelies.


Anonymous said...

Love the first scarf, the patterns looks lovely

emily+fashion said...

The scarves just look so luxurious and cozy! Absolutely perfect for fall.


Meera said...

I love them!
Please check out/follow my blog. Love yours!


Judy said...

ooh i love the first scarf!

Anonymous said...

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