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Fatama and Sharifa are the masterminds behind the brilliant blog, Haute Couturista. The blog is a wonderful mix of current news, editorials, new brands, products and insights on the fashion industry. The duo have many dreams, one of them being a magazine (that I personally can't wait to read!). With a feature in Harpers Bazaar and run-ins with fashion icons, this duo is well on their way to achieving their dreams.

Where have your travels taken you?
Fatma & Sharifa: Mostly London, Paris, Italy, New York, Dubai.

When did you start loving fashion?
Fatma & Sharifa: We both started loving fashion at a very young age. I think the very first designer brand that we both loved was Christian Dior that was 10 years ago.

Do you work in fashion?
Fatma: No, I’m currently a freelance Street style photographer, and I hope to own my own magazine here in Qatar in the future.

You visit a lot of showrooms! Do you have any favorites? Why are they your favorites?
Fatma: I loved visiting the show room of Missoni, Fendi and Chanel the most! The people that worked there were very welcoming and I got to see everything from the spring collection to the archives, I loved every second of it!

Sharifa: Rupert Sanderson's showroom was incredible! I had the honor to see it's Resort collection during summer; I loved so many pieces I wished they were selling them by then. The offices and atmosphere was very lovely. My other visit that I enjoyed very much was Net-A-porter headquarters, behind the scenes of their hard work and the stock they had. I was in love the minute I stepped into their doors; It was one amazing work space. 

Can you tell us about your work with Harpers Bazaar?
Fatma: A Qatari student Mai, recently wrote a pieces about Qatari Fashion bloggers, the editor of Harpers Bazaar was kind enough to let me shoot a story that got published with the article. That was the highlight of the year for me!

How have you come to meet so many famous people in fashion, like Anna Dello Russo, Rachel Zoe and Karl Largerfeld?
Fatma: Meeting Karl and Rachel Zoe were just by luck! I Met Karl last February in our hotel in Milan he was having launch, and came by to say hello, and I got to take a lot of photos with him, it was during Milan fashion week. Rachel Zoe was in the same plane I was,  going from London to Milan. It was the day before Milan fashion week, she was super nice. I got to take some photos and chit chatted a little. Anna Dello Russo, is just amazing. She met me for coffee during New York fashion week at the plaza, time went by so quickly!

Sharifa: I Also met Karl Lagerfeld while I was in Paris in Chanel's Rue Cambon boutique, he was just about to leave the Haute Couture section and I went and said Hello and took pictures with him. Also during summer in London I met Victoria Beckham in Dover street Market she looked gorgeous as usual! I guess I'm at the right moment and the right place?

How can fashionista's visit showrooms?
Fatma & Sharufa: You have to prove to the designer your approaching that you’re worth their time, and if your lucky they get to invited you themselves just by seeing your blog and what you’ve achieved.

Can you tell us about your work with Net-A-Porter.com?
Fatma & Sharifa: We love the Net-A-Porter team, and we really think they were the very first to believe in us. We were one of the first that they would send in exclusive photos to of new items a day ahead. They also have an exclusive page for us, where we can list our favorite items.

Are there people in fashion that you admire?
Fatma: Yes, there are many way to many! Anna Dello Russo, Marghreita Missoni, and Karl Lagerfeld to name a few.

Sharifa: I admire Anna Dello Russo very much! She has a true passion towards fashion and it portrays through her work and they way she dresses up. Anna is never scared to play around with fashion and experience new style. That's what I love about her. Another person that I admire very much is Anna Wintour. Changing the world of fashion, she brings in new ideas and thoughts that makes fashion a world of its own.

What advice do you have for young people trying to make it into fashion?
Fatma: Be yourself, and don’t try to copy others to get ahead. It just never works and it truly shows. If you stay original and be creative you’ll get ahead in fashion.

Sharifa: My advice is never be afraid to show your true colors, be true to yourself, and never follow a trend that is not you! In fashion you have to be updated and different to be recognized. 

Check out Haute Couturista here!

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