I Love Claires.com. Really.

Hi Lovelies! So this week I got an email from the absolutely wonderful people at Claires.com, and they sent me over some gorgeous items to take a look at! I have been shopping at Claire's since I was about 8 and I remember calling my friends and talking about my purchases. This Christmas my sisters made me a loooong list of things they wanted from Claire's stores. I guess it runs in the family?

First off, I was sent this great floral eyeshadow palette! I love it because the colors show very nicely and the eyeshadow is very pigmented. You don't need to apply to much for the color to show. Everything from the dark black to the silver comes off well, and stays on all day. 
Okay, I literally cannot stop wearing this head wrap. I like it better then a regular hat, because it works as both a hat and earmuff. It keeps you so warm, and I love the vibrant color! The size is adjustable with a button in the back, so it can be worn loose or tight. I'm a really big fan of head wraps in general, so I was really thrilled with this product. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone. 

These gloves are very warm as well. They gave you that great 'ooooh-it's-freezing-and-I'm-happy-I-have-gloves-on' feeling. I like the design because it leaves your fingers free, and again, they're a great color. I also like that the sleeves are long and keep your wrists warm, unlike other mittens that stop at the wrist. It can be kind of hard to unbutton the gloves once the mitten is on your hand, and the knit came a little undone where the mitten flap and glove meet. This made me quite sad because I really do like them. Thank goodness I know how to sew. 

Lastly, they sent me this incredible bag! I have been using it for a few days now, and it's the perfect size. The strap is nice and long which leaves you hands-free, and the buckles have a magnetized snap on the back to keep them in place. In all seriousness, this is a perfect bag. Not to mention, it reminds me of Mullberry's Alexa bag. haha. The design is great and it has lots of lovely compartments inside for storage. 

More reviews to come! Have a great day.


Judy said...

the gloves are cute!


Anonymous said...

As good as these items may be, and as great as your blog is, i dont think that the review section is really "you". When I think of the girl in the check scarf, I think of beautiful editorials and "lovelies" this comment is not intended to hurt your feelings, this is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to that Savvy girl. Your blog is AMAZING, it's very unique and beautiful. don't let anybody get you down.
Your foreva follower,

Anonymous said...

^^^cat fight! lolz^^^
love the blog Justine, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, all I meant to say was that this wasnt something you'd normally see on the girl in the check scarf.
What do YOU think Justine?

cito-gene said...

Those red gloves are definitely a statement peice. I recently saw a pair with the same "essence" in Seattle. Here's a pic :http://www.7forallmankind.com/HANDWARMERS/pd/c/14/np/14/p/4743.html
I'm always one to fall for something cozy.

Thanks for friending me on IFB
Seattle Fashion Discovered

Tiffany said...

Want to know something crazy? Just got your friend request from IFB and remembered your blog name. Why? Because I am the buyer that sent you those items. Weird right? Haha, anyway, thanks for the add!