I know that one of the big trends right now is 'menswear-inspired,' but lately I find myself getting inspired by menswear on it's own. I love the rich colors of the leather that they use in mens goods that you don't often see in womans wear. I also love the clean tailored lines in suits and the work that goes into them. *sigh*. I wish some designers could take inspiration from menswear without being too obvious. I mean, I love tailored womans suits, but I wish we could push past the obvious details and really get inspired instead of simply copying menswear. Does anyone know any womans wear designers who take inspiration from menswear?


Imogen said...

yes menswear has definitely increased in popularity and become a pretty big trend recently.

Nathalia said...

Your blog is very perfect! : D


Maryjane said...

I loooove men's wear.

Maryjane xoxo