Fashion Week Update

Hello Lovelies! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get a post together. I was staying at my grandparents house last night, and they had no WIFI. 
So let's start at the very beginning (it's a very good place to start). I arrived at grand central station (my very favorite place in the world) around 7am. I made it to the IFB conference a little early, and I was able to check in. The conference was fantastic! The first panel  was my favorite because it had Mr.Newton and The Man Repeller. Leandra (from The Man Repeller) was sooo super nice. I just had to get a picture with her. 
I am having the best time spotting designer goods on people. I literally just told the lady next to me "I love your shoes! Valentino? " "Yes!". It's so much fun for us fashion nerds. I'm having fun meeting loads of people. It's great being in a space where someone can say "What do you think of what Franca Sozzani said about bloggers?" and in my head I'm like "Where have all you people been all my life!" I also got to see the Proenza Schouler boys yesterday. I wanted to scream, but I held myself back. It was awesome to hear what they had to say. Today is the last day of panels, so all that's left now is the fashion show tonight. Then it's the end of my fashion week adventures. But there's a hefty list of online shows, and there's plenty of street style blogs to keep me in the loop. The only thing I'll REALLY miss are issues of Fashion Week daily. They're addictive. My camera is currently MIA but when I get it back I'll have plenty of street style photos for you. 
I've spent a mojority of my time in Chelsea/the Meatpacking district. I LOVE it. It's the perfect place and there's something interesting around every corner. Obsessed with Chelsea! 
When I get home, I can give you my notes from the IFB conference. 

Enjoy the rest of your fashion week. (Everyone here is so well dressed. It's fantastic. I have seen enough samples to last a life time.)
... There are four chanel bags within a 10 foot radius of me at the moment. One Balenciaga, 2 camel coats, one Goyard, a photographer, and 9 pairs of stilettos (one of them being my own). This is fantastic.

I also stopped by the Alexander McQueen store in that's a block away from my hotel.  RIP, Lee.


Jenmarie said...

Sounds amazing! I bet visiting the McQueen store was incredible. Lucky girl ;)

bekah said...

Ahh! So jealous...great post! XO
bekah : www.textureddallas.com

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Sounds like SO much fun. How I wish I could be there, sigh!
Have fun :)