Latest Obsession: Ainsley by QI Cashmere

Ainsley by Qi Cashmere is one of my favorite lines of the moment! 
The line is brandy-new, and it set to launch later this year in September. I really love how modern and wearable the pieces are. To me, the shoes, jackets and knits are some of the collections best features. They're adorable and I would wear any piece in an instant! I also really love how sophisticated the line is, and how it would be very easy to take pieces and work them into your already-existing wardrobe. My favorite thing about the collection? The pants. I'm a sucker for a pair of well made pants (especially grey ones!), and these are right up my alley. Ainsley will be launching during the next NYFW, and the line was  recently featured in WWD! I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty much obsessed. Must. Wear. NOW.

This look is my favorite! I'm obsessed with the details on that sweater.

You can check out Ainley's facebook page here and show them some love on twitter here.

images from Ainsley PR and OMG Haute


Sweet said...

gorgeous looking...and I love her expression and when she puts her hair down..she looked more fierce...

the right attitude for the outfit!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips