Visit to W29 Showroom, Part 1. Emm Kuo, The Local Firm, Rodebjer

I had a really lovely time visiting the W29 Showroom this week! I was really happy to see the new Fall 2011 collections from seriously great brands (as well as have one-on-one chats with some of the designers!). 
So going into it I thought it would be a totally crazy press event with people everywhere. Lucky, I was wrong. It was a peaceful with a really chill atmosphere, and I was lucky enough to be the only blogger there at that time. This was fantastic, because I got to have a lot of time to talk to the designers and see the samples.
Note: I had to use my mom's Droid! So the pics are far from perfect, my apologies. They really don't do the clothes justice.


The collection, for me, was one of my favorites. The pieces were so elegant and classic. I instantly fell in love the moment I saw this coat. Perfection. (I promise, my photography skills got better as the day went on!) Rodebjer is a Sweedish Brand, and it can be purchased at Urban Outfitters, among other stores. I wish I could own every piece!


I totally fell in love with these pants (yes, they're pants!) The extreme wide leg moved beautifully and I loved the deep red color.

This dress was really beautiful to me. I loved the tailoring and the sheer top!

This skirt was so adorable!!! It only had 2 layers, which was shocking to me because the fabrics were so light and yet the skirt wasn't sheer at all. It moved beautifully. Want, want, want...
Also in the photo, the lovely Amirah who acted as my guide and also occasionally helped me photograph the samples. It turns out, she's also a blogger! See her blog here.

Ever since Christpher Kanes collection a few seasons back, I have been obsessed with Galaxy prints. I found this print to be really gorgeous and original!

Perfect shoes!

Detailing on the back of a coat.

Next up, The Local Firm
Lots of really beautiful dark clothes. I liked the straight silhouettes and the collections use of knits and patches. There was patches of different fabrics or denim mixed with other denim which I found really original.
This is also a brand you can purchase at Urban Outfitters!

A lot of the pieces had uneven hemlines, which I really liked.

It's tailored that way on purpose!

I love it when fashion is ironic, so I appreciated the screen print of a hoody on this T shirt.

Next is the beautiful handbag line by designer Emm Kuo.
I was lucky enough to have a chat with designer Emm Kuo about her inspirations for the line, which included Chinese film noir. Each bag is named after a street she's lived on! So the bags have names like Lafayette Street, Greenwich Avenue, and Rue Vivienne. I loooved this collection! The bags were fantastic when it came to combining style with versatility. You can fit your entire life inside them! The bags are very high quality, and use materials like snake skin and leather. 
I loved the round shape of this bag!

Not only does the bag zip open and close, but the two handles can become one.

I was totally in love the moment I saw this bag! It's huge! (there's a soft place in my heart for over-sized bags.)

The designer herself, with the Lafayette Street bag.

I want every piece!  Which is your favorite?

Be on the lookout for part 2!


Collections said...

Love the galaxy print and the handbags.


David said...

Nicly Done!

mistytewest said...

I am loving each and every piece...especially the dresses and the skirt with the acid color OMG just beautiful...


Leather & Lace said...

beautiful i love these bags!


Kholá said...

I too love the wide leg pants and the galaxy print is to die! I love abstract prints as a whole.


Anonymous said...

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