Visit to W29 Showroom, Part 2. Ashish, Iosselliani, Jennifer Behr

It's time for another glimpse of my visit to W29 showroom! 

First on the agenda, Ashish.
I was really looking forward to Ashish because I have been keeping up with the brand for the past few seasons. The collection was very glamorous in a grunge kinda way. Meaning that a sweater would seem very grungy , but when you touch it it feels fantastic.

 If there's one thing the collection had no shortage of, it would be sequins. Sequins, sequins, sequins.

The view through a hole in an Ashish sweater.

(front view of the same sweater)

A totally sequined dress with a zipper, exposing as much or as little back as you prefer.

 Next up in the incredible Jewelery line Iosselliani
There's some jewwelry out there that you look at and think "Oh Pretty." and then walk away. But with these pieces, oh no! They're really interesting to look at. Each one it's own special creation. I like the diversity in the collection, how some pieces can be neat (like these earrings below) and how some are total jumbles of jewels.

I really adored these rings! That whole trend of wearing-every-bracelet-you-own-on-one-wrist wasn't working out for me so well. But these rings make stacking really easy.

I was ridiculously excited to see the Jennifer Behr creations. I mean, ridiculously excited. I have been a huge Jennifer Behr fan, and I was even more in love with her work after she did the headbands for Fendi fall 2011.
 A blue-leather headpiece. Pre-tied for all you turban loving fashionistas.

I was so happy to just be holding this (I'm that lame, I know.), I have just been in love with this headband for so long!

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Collections said...

The headbands and turbans are incredible as are the jewelery. I think the clothes have a little too many holes for my taste (and they're very large)