Now that spring is here, I need to work more pink/blush into my everyday life! These looks are such an inspiration. I especially love the lady's peach blouse in the second shot!
 Have a beautiful day, Lovelies!

images via Gens Du Monde,street style aestethic.


Анна said...

amazing colour and pics :)

Soleil St. Fleur said...

I was just looking in Harper's Bazaar UK mag and saw some blush themed photos & loved them. Then you post this. On the pulse, you are. I think the color is wonderfully feminine. These gals look great. xx from Soleil


Justine Guy said...

@Ahha- Thank you!

@Soleil- Wow! Thank you so much. It really means a lot! I loved how feminine it was too. It makes me want to stop wearing grey and turn to some pink for a change.

Thanks for the comments!