Hannah MacGibbon Is Out At Chloe

I was so sad when I found out  Hannah MacGibbon is leaving Chloe! I'm interested to see what the new creative director Clare Waight Keller does with the brand. Yet, I'll be deeply missing Hannah. 
Thoughts on the situation?


Soleil St. Fleur said...

She was doing a fantastic job. Chloe is a highly desired label. However, it doesn't seem like people stay there very long. Hmmm. xx from Soleil


David said...

Really like the first image in this series .. love a clean/fitted look!

Justine Guy said...

@ Soleil Very interesting point. I wish Hannah the best with her new projects, and I hope the new designer will prove to be a good match for the house.

@David I love it too!

Thanks for the comments!