Shall we go to Venice?

This makes me wish I was at the airport with a ticket in my hand about to hop onto a plane that would take me to Venice. Also, it makes me wish I had a few (dozen) designer ball gowns packed away in my luggage.  So, Venice, anyone? I hear the pizza there is divine.
(Can you tell that I'm tired of school and ready for summer traveling?)

images via terrier and lobster


Анна said...

So natural, gentle and chic!

Louise said...

Gorgeous, the lovely looks in these photos are so sophisticated and classic! Just to let you know, I've just discovered your blog but I'm loving all your posts, chic and inspiring! That is why I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award (more details on my blog!) Looking forward to more updates :D. Louise x

kendallcrow said...

oh.my.goodness. the very first dress nearly took my breath away!

Justine Guy said...

@Ahha I get what your saying, I thought this was so charming.

@Louise I love your name! haha. Thank you so much for the kind words and the blogger award!

@Kendall Same here. There's nothing prettier then a floaty, fluffy dress and a good photo.

Thanks for the comments, Lovelies!