Let's Travel The World

After tomorrow, I'll be done with school for the summer! I'm so excited to start traveling, and this editorial is perfect inspiration. The bold colors are stunning and I think her camera T shirt in the last picture is just the cutest!
I'm hoping this will be a really great summer. I'm turning 16 in a little over a week, I'll be going on a road trip with my family, and I'll be going camping for a week. What are your plans?  Here's to a great summer!

images from Elle Sweeden, April 2011, via TFS


Maelle said...

Oh, yes, great pics :)

Have a nice trip ! <3


House in Tillford said...

ah travelling is the best thing, and planning for it and anticipating it is almost as good! I love that last picture-such bright colours and agree that shirt is too cute.

Justine Guy said...

@Maelle- Thanks so much! Have a beautiful summer!

@Tillford- There's nothing better! I'm leaving for the airport tomorrow morning and the excitement is killing me! I want that T shirt badly as well. Maybe it could be a DIY project?

Thanks for the comments, Lovelies!

Adri said...

I love to travel! These photos are amazing!! Have fun on your road trip :)

Justine Guy said...

@ Adri Thank you for the well-wishes, I had a fantastic time!

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