Luna Park

I'm in love with these shots! The dress-with-a-jacket idea styling concept was one of my favorites from the fall collections. I also thought it was very fitting to post because I'm going to Six Flags today, and it's going to be my first time on a roller coaster. Yikes! 


Heather said...

I need to get my butt to Luna Park. I mean I've only been there when it was Astro land. Anyway these shots are amazing and beautiufl!!

I hope you had fun at Six Flags. I hate roller coasters lol


littmssunshine said...

Oh my GOSH! LOVE these :)

Justine Guy said...

@Heather- I haven't been there either, but I want to go so badly. Oh, and after one ride on El Toro, I quickly learned that I hate roller coasters too. So I guess we're in the same club. haha.
@Littlemissunshine- Aren't they pretty? Glad you like them :)

Thanks for commenting!
Love, Justine