Fashion By Feelings + The Girl In The Check Scarf (Outfit Post!)

I was recently contacted by Woolmark about their newly-launched campaign, Fashion By Feelings! I was thrilled to take part, and I was happy to post an outfit of me wearing wool. I'm a HUGE fan of wool, specifically cashmere and merino. They are so soft, and perfect for this upcoming fall season. (I'm not a pro at doing outfit shots yet, but I did my best!)

(This pouty face is a result of what happens when your sister tells you to stop smiling in your photos so much. Personally, though, I like smiling so much better.)
My shoes were bright blue, and I thought it would be nice to mix it with a blue bracelet to balance out the black in the outfit. 
My wool sweater is thrifted, my skirt is from Marshall's, my shoes are Forever21, and my bracelet was a gift.


On the new Fashion By Feelings website, you can find looks based on feelings and vote on your favorites! I really love the site and I think it's quite a bit of fun (also, the music on the website is fantastic. I tend to leave it up while I'm answering my emails). Looks range from Happy, Loved, Dark, Chic, Powerful, and several others as well. I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit, and I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so that I can wear more and more wool this winter.
I also submitted my look to Fashion By Feelings, and I would just LOVE it if you could vote for me!
Vote for me HERE!


Small time queen said...

I think you look fabulous... compoletely natural, which never happens when I am being photographed!

Queenie x

littmssunshine said...

Oh my gosh! I want more outfit posts :)) you are (soo) adorable! And of course the outfit is fabulous. Those blue shoes are so cute!

Jenmarie said...

You are so darling and so is your outfit! Hope to see more outfit posts from you in the future :)

Kat said...

You are so adorable! You should post more pics of yourself.

xoxo, kat


Justine Guy said...

@Queenie, I had my sister take most of the photos, so I guess it's a lot easier to be relaxed when you're around people you love :). But believe me, I have worked with photographers too, and I just freeze!

@Jess, Kat, Jenmarie, I thank you all very much :). And I'll definitely do more in the future.

Thanks for commenting!
Much love, Justine