Giovanna in Florals

Via and ELLE
I love how large-printed florals are big right now, but Giovanna took it one level higher and instead wore big flowers. This whole look is perfect!


thegirlsabouttown said...

loving your blog..giovanna looks so elegant and lady like, yet somehow also manages to make the dress look young and edgy..loving the arm candy too!!


xx , a teenage blogger from London


littmssunshine said...

So refreshing!! Spring+Summer now feel like such floral print vomit- this is so fantastic!

Genevieve said...

beautiful! And I love how she accesorized it with the bracelets and watch


Justine Guy said...

@Thegirlsabouttown- Thanks very much :). Giovanna certainly has a special skill for outfits that I wish I possessed. The woman has talent!

@littlemissunshine- Your comment made me giggle. haha. If 'floral vomit' looks that good on Gio, then I want some vomit too. haha

@ Guinevere- Have I told you in previous comments that I love your name? Because I do. I love that aspect of the look as well. I usually wouldn't think to pair that dress with an orange bracelet, but somehow she pulls it off without having it clash.

Thanks so much for commenting!
Much love, Justine