How To Pack

via A Pair and a spare

I wish someone had showed me this before I went on all my trips this summer. It would have saved me so much time and it would have made my baggage smaller.


Lauren said...

Just in time! I'm going away at the weekend I needed this post! x

the happening said...

Wow, really love your advice on how to pack actually.. am going to need to try it! Clever and organised x


Zizi said...

no matter how i pack i still end up with a whole lot..i dont know how that always happens lol...thanks for your comment btw :)

Clara Turbay said...

I like your blog so much!


Justine Guy said...

@Lauren, The Happening- Glad to help! It was done by A Pair and a Spare, and it's a fantastic packing help.
@Zizi- Ugh, I always have the same problem. I need to be a lot more objective when I pack!
@Clara- Thanks so much it means a lot!

Thanks for all the comments!
Much love, Justine