Checking Out Ammara!

I got the chance to check out the fabulous brand, Ammara, while I was at Coterie on Tuesday, and I instantly fell in love with the soft fabrics and fun, feminine dresses and blouses. Not only were the clothes lovely, but the people were even more so. It's a fantastic company! I even got the chance to chat with Ammara Yaquab, the designer of the collection. She was ridiculously nice. Here's some of my favorite things about Ammara's Spring 2012 collection!

I loved the fringe neckline on this dress! Everything about it, the color, the waistline etc. is perfect. I want it!

The petal print on these were sooo gorgeous. I would wear any of these in a heartbeat. I mean, check out that Maxi dress!

 I'm loving the shine in the embroidery!

 The detail on this sleeve was lovely.

Oh my...

This dress just might be my favorite dress in the collection! Leather and chiffon? Can it get any better? Also, it looks just as nice on a person as it does on the model. It's really a show stopping dress in person!

Here are some of my other favorite looks...

Thanks Ammara! Which look is your favorite? (I know, it can be overwhelming to pick just one. But take a deep breath and concentrate.) You can check out their site at www.ammaranyc.com

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