Fashion Week Update or "Justine Rants About Color"

Oh, color. Come baaaaack....
image via unknown, via tumblr
Hello Lovelies! Well, day two of fashion week is done and over with, and it's been one heck of a day! I had one showroom visit this afternoon and then a runway show later in the evening. I'm currently laptop-less and the computer I'm using isn't letting me upload any new pictures (which is unfortunate because there are so many collections, personal pics and backstage shots I'm just dying to post). So luckily I had this stunning shot to show you. 
Have you been keeping up with these new Spring 2012 collections? I'm liking the pink, yellow and blue tones I'm seeing. I'm excited to find some yellow accessories and some great blue blouses. I'm not a big fan of all the white, though. I saw that The Row did an all-white collection, and although I liked the design, I couldn't help but be reminded of Alexander Wang's all-white collection for last spiring. I just feel like fashion just had an all-white moment, and now going back to it seems a bit old. If this all-white concept is used in more collections to come, I really hope designers step it up a notch and use white in ways we haven't seen before. I guess I'm just a bit... disappointed? The fall 2011 collections and the spring 2011 collections were just BURSTING with new hues and bold ideas, and it's hard to change from that 'colorful' mindset into thinking about beige. and white. yuck. But then again, fashion is all about change, and I'm sure whatever trends I'm faced with I will be able to pull off. (or fail at miserably. Like I said, I need to get used to this new mindset!)
     Now,  I'm not saying there's no color on the runways this season. Peter Som and Yigal Azrouel featured some stunning, rich tones in their latest collection, which was nice after seeing show after show of beige looks with small pops of blue, pink, and yellow. One thing I really liked was a heavy use of black at Yigal Azrouel, Mandy Coon and Cushnie et Ochs. I'm a true-blue New Yorker, and black is my uniform. So I dread spring seasons sometimes because it means I will have to come out of my black and grey shell and wear some kind of floral prints or something so that I doesn't look like I hate color. And I don't hate color at all. I just like black so much better. haha. I'm still anticipating what the rest of the collections will bring, because honestly it is only day two, and fashion week has so much more in store.  Well, I'm beginning to ramble a bit, and you know it's late and you're tired when blogger tells you that you're spelling every other word incorrectly. I need sleep, and I'm looking forward to reading my new issues of T and Interview magazines. With that, I leave you, until the next time I have wifi, Lovelies. Happy Fashion week!


Small time queen said...

Viva la colour! Black is classic yes, but very boring.

Great post, Justine. Love your blog.


Justine Guy said...

@Small time Queen, True, when done in a plain way sometimes it can be boring. But I love it, all he same :) haha. And thanks very much!

Much love, Sarah Justine