I'll Be Back Before You Can Say "Celine Boston Bag". (But please say it realllllly slowly.)

Hey Lovelies! If you have noticed, this past week's postings have been totally random and sparse. My apologies. Between school, work, and other fashion-related endeavors, it's been one hectic week! But thank you for your continuing comments and support. I love you guys more then you know! Another reason I have been so busy is because I'm getting ready to go to Utah for a week to visit some friends with my little sister! I'm so terribly excited and I honestly can't wait. I have been packing and picking up last minute things. I leave tomorrow night and I'll be back next Saturday. Because of this there won't be any posts for a week. But thank you so much for your patience and please feel free to go through the hundreds or archived posts that you may not have seen before. So I bid you Au revoir, and I'll be back in a week! Have a beautiful week, Lovelies.
Love, SJ

PS. I'll be visiting in Aspen Grove, which is legitimately the most beautiful place on earth. See for yourself. All the leaves are changing right now, and it's gorgeous beyond words!


Anna W. said...

What a beautiful picture. I'm proud of myself!

Anna W.

Justine Guy said...

I doubt that you are actually Anna Wintour, but yes, it is quite a lovely image :). haha.