One Awesome Presentation, Warby Parker.

I'm all about new ideas and creativity, and when someone thinks outside the box it just captivates me. So it shouldn't be hard to imagine why I'm so in love with Warby Parker's fashion week presentation. When I hear 'presentation', I think of of perfect looking models standing motionless in studios while fashionable show-goers take photos and notes. Warby Parker redefined the idea of a 'presentation' and held theirs in the New York Public Library! Epicness! Not being there myself, Vogue described the event... "During a blink-and-you-missed-it event, models and friends of the designers seated around the silent studying room—all wearing Warby Parker shades and glasses—simultaneously raised up robin’s-egg-blue books, titled with Warby Parker’s style names." I wish I could have been there! Here are some of the shots... (photos via Vogue.com) 

Well done, Warby Parker. Well done. Which pair is your favorite? They have some of the sickest specs around! (if you couldn't already see that. haha.) Check them all out at www.warbyparker.com! 


Heather said...

OMGOSH what a cute idea!!! I wish I was there for that! LOVE IT!


Justine Guy said...

@Heather- Isn't it just darling!? They have a fantastic website as well.
Thanks for commenting!!!
Much love,
Sarah Justine

Mode_de_rue said...

I love all the glasses everyone is wearing!