A 1950's Weekend

(Some of us, I'm second to the right.)
I had such an awesome weekend! I and a bunch of my friends attended a Decades Dance and our group was assigned the 1950's. Other groups had the 1920's, the 1970's, the 1980's, and the future. All my guy friends showed up in awesome greaser costumes, and all my girls had adorable poodle skirts. It was so fantastic. The music came from various decades too, so one second you're jumping around to Rockin' Robin, and the next you're dramatically voguing to Beat It. It was so much fun!

Due to this, I've been feeling all 50's-y lately. (Which is never a bad thing!) I already love wearing the 1950's silhouette, so I was excited to throw on a poodle skirt and some converse. Now, I get to spam you with fantastic 1950's images.

I'm so envious that my grandparents got to be teenagers in this decade. Awesome music, great clothes, Elvis, and drive-in movies. I should have been born in another decade.

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