Charlotte Olympia Spring 2012

Images via Fashionologie and The Coveted
I'm in love with this new collection. It's so whimsical! My favorites are the golden pair with the seashells on the toe strap. Can you just imagine what an awesome DIY project that would be!? Oh, Charlotte Olympia. You never let me down...


Leah said...

Wow, so amazing! And I thought the kitty flats were good..

love this.


ps - Check out some gorgeous vintage designer shoes in my preview..

leslie said...

I don't care how popular they become. I will NEVER wear any of those!

jemmalouise said...

i love sculptural shoes!

Justine Guy said...

@Leah- I fell in love with those flats that C.O. did for fall. They were so darling! Hope you are well, dear!

@Leslie, (Hi Sister. R!!!) Your comment made me giggle. hahaha. They are definitely a bit out-there, but there's something about them that is so fun that I just love. I miss you guys so much! Tell Dawson to call me... hahaha.

@Jemma Lousise- Same here! These were beach-inspired, if I'm correct. And the I think the whimsy and vintage feel that the heels have really reflect that.

Thanks for commenting!
Love, SJ