Erin Fetherston Spring 2012 (Girly Glamour!)

I have been a fan of Erin Featherston for AGES, (I have posted about her here) so I was really grateful for the chance to take a look at her awesome spring 2012 collection. Filled with straight silhouettes, sparkle, feminine frocks, and separates, it's a collection that I would wear in a heartbeat. Even though there are several black pieces in the collection, they manage to be lovely and light without being too severe. (I love it when designers have the ability to make it so that I can wear black without it looking like I'm constantly going to a funeral!) I really feel like Erin's strength is ethereal dresses that still have a young and fun point of view, and this talent can be plainly seen in the spring collection. 
Here's some of my favorite aspects of the spring 2012 collection....
LOTS of sparkly accents!

Simple, ladylike party dresses. 

LWD's... (Little white dresses)

This dress! I think I read somewhere that this was Erin's favorite dress from the collection, and I can't blame her. It's so gorgeous. 

The collection also features lots of fun butterfly prints, lace looks, and lots of pink and orange tones. (I just tend to gravitate towards black and white. haha) Check out the full collection here. Thanks Erin Fetherston!


Jenmarie said...

I'm really curious to know how you get the opportunities to see these amazing collections in person. Do tell my dear :)

Justine Guy said...

Haha. It's a bit of a long story. I'll email you!