Would You Dare To Wear Peplum Hems? (I Would!)

I distinctly remember seeing this spread in Vogue and thinking "No, definitely not, peplums are weird, way too girly, and totally not for me." They're just too frilly and romantic, (That's honestly what they are- frills.) and honestly, I don't feel like participating in this trend. Peplums just seemed pointless to me. I didn't understand them. Well, even though these points are valid, I didn't have a change of heart until I was browsing H&M's e-store and I found THIS.

I was ooing and ahhing over it when I stopped and thought "Woah, wait, this is a peplum hem. And I like it." Different from the ones in spreads and on the spring runways... it's wearable! Hallelujah! Peplum hems don't have to be extreme, it's just not practical. But a hem like this? I could wear it all the time. I totally plan on marching over to my H&M the moment I get my paycheck and adding this little beauty to my closet. I think it would look cute with a pencil skirt, wouldn't you agree?
So, the big question, would you wear a peplum hem?

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