Outfit Analysis: Hedvig Opshaug

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I have to much fun doing these 'outfit dissection' posts. Today's well-dressed street style darling is Hedvig Opshaug. Her lovely looks showed up on practically every major street style blog during fashion month. I really liked this look in particular. It just works! Not to mention the combination of pieces is a street style photographers dream. Here's why...

The Hat:The fashion-y baseball hat was huge for spring. Also, it's Miu Miu, natch. 
The Clutch: Metallic and square. For spring it's perfection. Dozens of glossies were pushing the The boxy shape, and metals have been a thing for quite a few seasons now. 
The Jewelry: The super-thin rings have been popping up all over the place on tumblr, and I think they're beautiful and elegant. The statement ring is YSL, and it's considered a classic piece. 
The Pants: The light contrast helps the hat match (to an extent), and the black stripe is part of the 'sporty' trend for spring 2012. (I personally like this approach- I liked the 'sport' trend, but I didn't want to run around in neon mesh screaming "I'm chic!". The stripe is subtle, and really quite cool.)
The Jacket: The shape is amazing, and I love the rounded back. It really stands out! She's also choosing to wear it how most editors choose to wear their coats during fashion week, which is over the shoulders. (This styling idea never quite never made sense to me I would always try it and my jacket would just awkwardly fall to the ground. There must be a special skill that editors have that I, a homely blogger, have not yet obtained.)
The Sweater: It's a perfect fir for her frame. It's just subtle enough to let the other parts of the look stand out, yet it's sleeves compliment the shape and volume of the jacket.

Also, is Hedvig blogs! And it's a pretty good blog at that. Check it out here.

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