Review: Katya Leonovich Fall 2012

Photos by moi.
The music was loud and the house was packed to capacity at the Katya Leonovich presentation at Lincoln Center during NYFW. I could barely move around without ruining someones shot or stepping on someones foot! I really appreciated Katya's sense of structure and architecture. She's like a sculptor of fabric! Olive tones and metallic materials were prominent in the fall 2012 collection, and strips of fabric and snake skin were interesting details. I liked the purple-blue print that was inspired by some of Katya's paintings.(I wish I had snapped pics of the paintings!) Although beautifully crafted,  I think that Katya's clothes are more artwork then wearable garments. The collection took the beholder to what felt like Mars with the green jackets and metallic pants, to the space age with the sharp black and white looks, and then to the Flatiron district with the printed looks. I found myself craving more more cohesiveness in the collection. But I digress- I think Katya has a strong point of view on dressing woman. It might be a bit outlandish, but it is a point of view nonetheless. Her dress construction and attention to detail is freaking amazing and really inspiring. See the full collection at NYmag.
What do you think of the collection?


honeybeeandmeonline.net said...

How the hell do you get into these show's????
They are amazing!!!
Please tell..


Justine Guy said...


Oh, I'll never tell! jk. Honestly, the real secret is knowing good PR people. haha.