My Favorite Pieces from Corey Lynn Calter

I discovered Corey Lynn Calter when I got an invite to her fashion week presentation, and I fell in love the moment I saw her collections! Beautiful, fun, and full of color. CLC has quickly become of of my favorite brands. As I was poking around the website, I found some pretty incredible pieces. Here are my favorites!
Amazing color and print combination!

I love the top. It's so elegant. 

How gorgeous is this? I feel like I would wear it as often as possible. 

So. Pretty.

And finally...
I have honestly been contemplating getting this dress since February. Everything about it is perfect to me! Color, shape, print, etc. It's amazing. I have been praying it wouldn't sell out before I could get my hands on it. The best part? It cost just under $30. This dress has my name on it. (Literally- it's called Sara. haha) I would buy it in a second if I could!!! Oh, the perils of being a broke student. Fear not, Sara dress. We'll be together... someday...

For more CLC, check out the online store here!
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