Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom.

I just realized that I haven't posted in six whole days-  I haven't gone that long since last summer! yikes! I missed the blogshpere. My lack of writing can be attributed to one thing: Prom. It is upon us, or, more specifically, me. Yes. it's Junior Prom time in the Hudson Valley. I was lucky enough to get asked to not one but two Junior Proms this year; one this weekend (which I'm geeking out about and losing sleep over) and one in early June (which I know I will be geeking out about and losing sleep over). I'm going with two wonderful guys and I'm excited for both! 
Here are my plans for this weekend's Prom.

I would love something like this for my nails. Something plain and simple and pretty.

The Dress!
I came across this Halston Heritage dress a few months ago while I was stalking Rent The Runway and something in my soul did a little flip when I saw it. I just knew this was 'the one.' We looked at so many other dresses, and I just kept thinking of this one! I'm so glad things worked out and I'll get to wear it. It's so me and I love it to pieces. I'm praying it will come to the knee, I would hate it if it was super short! 

I'm hoping to take inspiration from Selena Gomez and give her beautiful side chignon a try. I'm also hoping to add some cute flower pins that I bought. 


My shoes are JUST like these (same brand and all) but mine are done in deep purple velvet. I love the height! They'll be great for dancing. 

In order to keep things modest, I'll be wearing a small black bolero over my dress (very similar to this one).

I'm hoping to keep things very clean, elegant and simple. No crazy or bold colors! I really loved the makup at the Ralph Lauren's fall 2012 show. I wouldn't mind doing a thinker eye liner for a change. 

And that, ladies and gents, is my prom look. I just hope I can make everything work! Let the games begin. 


Meera said...

Omigosh, you are going to look amazing! That dress is gorgeous! I hope you post pictures of your prom outfit! :) Have an amazing time.


honeybeeandmeonline.net said...

Great dress and shoes and hair and necklace....
Have a great night and remember to stay away from anyone drinking and driving....


kay said...

You are going to look great!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I like all your inspirations especially the hair, you're going to look beautiful!

xo Mary Jo