Sarah Goes To Prom!

(I'm in the center, to the left is my Kelsey and on the right is Edith)

I finally have pictures from prom to show you! Sorry it took a few days. Prom was fun. Four of my best girlfriends came over to help me get ready, and we had a really good time. I went with my friend Alexander (it was his Junior Prom) and I think it was a good experience overall.
Almost done!

(I love how creepy my little sister can be.)

Mother dearest helping me with last-min makeup before I walk out the door. As you can see, we decided not to go with the chignon. Once I tried the dress on, we realized that having the hair down was a essential. it was such a fun look, and having the hair up would have made it a bit boring.

I was pretty happy with my makeup and nails. We went simple with makeup (like I wanted) but not TOO simple. I went with a berry-tinted lip, pink blush, and darker golds and browns around the edges of my eyelids. Oh, and mascara. Lot's of mascara.

(and this, Ladies and Gents, is The Girl In The Check Scarf. hahaha)

I was REALLY happy with how my dress turned out! The length was PERFECT and it fit despite being a wee bit tight. (The top is corset-like and doesn't have any give at all. Scary stuff.) Luckily, we made it work.
I'm honestly going to miss this dress. What other girl can say that their prom dress had pockets? Rent The Runway is the best.

(can you find my puppy in this pic?)

My Friends! (sans Kelsey)

Siblings! Olivia, 13, is on the left and Rebecca, 12, is on the right.

It was fun!

A few of my friends were there as well! This is Cassie (left) and Michaela. How gorgeous are they??? 

Whew. Prom was fun. One down, two to go. Let's do this. 

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Hvit said...

You look lovely! Proms are such odd things. It looks like you had fun, which is awesome.