Prete and Bruno Fall 2012

Here's some of my favorite shots from the Prete & Bruno show back in February. The brand's debut collection was bursting with velvet, gold, green, sheer, and feathery looks. Trend-wise they were spot on; green, black and gold were very prominent on the fall runways. Although there were pieces that apply to every consumer age, I would have really loved to see more of a focus. Who is the Prete and Bruno woman? It would appear that she's a schizophrenic Italian woman who can't decide if she's clubbing or having tea, and she's not sure if she is 18 or 60. The inspiration was classic Hollywood glamour, but it was taken rather literally. I would have liked to see more of a modern take on the theme. I call collections like this '-esque' collections The green tweed suit was Chanel-esque, the tight sparkle mini dresses were Versace-esque, etc. Nothing was terribly new, and unfortunately doing so much gold makes things look rather cheap and gaudy. My favorite pieces were the green and black fly-away skirt (seen in picture four) and the tweed coat in picture eight. Don't get me wrong- I'm a really big fan of these boys. Their passion and hard work was really evident in their presentation. I just hope that in time they will be able to present collections that are more relevant to fashion now.


Tian said...

I think your description of it is perfect, it seems to be a lot of things at the same time an it's quite consumer-friendly. I think it's quite good for a first collection, though. It's hard to have a really defined image so early on.


Sarah Justine said...

I agree with you. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for their future collections. Thank you for commenting!