Style That Sticks! My DIY Inspiration Box

There are few things I enjoy more than exploring the web in search of fashion's finest, prettiest, most cutting-edge images. Yet, as much as I love the internet (and believe me, our relationship is deep), nothing can replace the experience of reading a physical magazine and being inspired by its glossy content. 

For the longest time I kept all my magazine inspiration in a big, bulky, brown Amazon box from two Christmases ago. The box isn't the problem, it was how it looked. I would usually keep it hidden in my closet because it's a bit of an eyesore. These are my favorite pictures in the world- don't they deserve an equally pretty container?

When Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape approached me about doing a DIY project using their new duct tape line, giving my sad little box a makeover seemed like the perfect project.  In about half an hour, my less-than-pretty box was turned into a beautiful case that I'm more than happy to display in my room. Here is what I did: 

Materials Needed: Scissors, Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape, a cardboard box, imagination. 

1) To start, pick a cardboard box that is large enough and deep enough to hold your favorite pages of inspiration. Generally, a magazine's dimensions are roughly 8 x 10, but consider sizing up if you read over-sized magazines like Style.com Print or W

2) Take scissors and remove the two shortest flaps on the box. This is optional, but I prefer the cleaner look of two flaps that meet rather than having four that overlap. 

3)  'Line' the inside of your box with any Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape. I chose to go with Pearl White, but Violet Purple or Hot Pink would have worked just as nicely. Be cautious around the sides of the box- make sure the duct tape is creased so that it fits snugly on the corners and there are no air pockets. (see all tape options here)

4) Tape the outside corners of the box first. I recommend using a patterned tape on the outside because it looks beautiful while hiding any minor flaws. I used Paisley Princess, but Retro Tiles or Plaid To Meet You would have been darling as well. Cut a piece of tape a little longer than the corner itself. Attach the tape at the top of the corner and go all the way down until you can attach it to the bottom of the box.  Smooth the corner. The tape will naturally be too wide to fit smoothly, so as you go up smoothing the tape, crease the excess. (shown below)

5) Once all the corners are taped, you can begin taping the outside of the box! Lay strips of tape overlapping each other, covering the box's surface. You can go diagonally or vertically. Just as long as everything is taped! While doing the flaps on the box, I recommend putting an aditional piece of tape over each edge to ensure a clean look. 

How the corners should look:

Almost done!

Et Voila! You've got a beautiful, original, fun box to keep your inspiration in. Enjoy, and be creative! This is a great way to inexpensively add a pop to your room, office, or home! I get compliments on the box whenever my friends come over. Be sure to head on over to the Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape website to check out more project awesome project options from some of my favorite bloggers and to win some free samples!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape,a new brand committed to helping you find your style that sticks!

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